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      Peltier Technology
    ¡ï Brief Introduction
    ¡ï Technology Applies
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      Technology Applies  
        1. Does not need any refrigerant, continuous work, no source is no rotating parts, will not produce rotary effect, no sliding parts is a solid device, without vibration, noise, life safety ,Easy installation.
        2. Semiconductor cooling device has two functions, can refrigerate while heating, cooling efficiency is not normally high, but to the high thermal efficiency. Always greater than Therefore, using a device can replace separate heating and cooling system system.
        3.The semiconductor device is the current refrigeration transducer type device, the input current control can be achieved high precision temperature control, with the temperature measurement and control means, it is easy to realize the remote control, programmed, computer-controlled, automatic control system to facilitate component.
        4. Semiconductor uncooled thermal inertia is very small, uncooled thermal time soon to the hot end Thermal good cold-empty situation, electrifying less than a minute cooling device will be able to achieve the maximum temperature.
        5. Semiconductor cooling device is the use of reverse temperature power generation, semiconductor cooling device generally applicable to generation low temperature zone.
        6. Semiconductor cooling of individual components of the cooling power of a small, but the combined stack, using the same type of stack Series, Parallel approach combined cooling system, the question of power can do much, Therefore cooling power can do range of milliwatts to 10,000 watts on the scope.
        7. Semiconductor refrigeration temperature range of from 90 temperature is negative temperature of 130 can be achieved.
        By this analysis, semiconductor thermoelectric device application are : cooling, heating, power generation, cooling and heating applications is relatively common, the following areas:



1.A military aspect

missiles, radar, submarines, and other aspects of infra-red detection, guidance system.


Cold, cold with cataract extraction device, such as blood analyzer.
3.laboratory devices

Well cold, cold boxes, cold trough, low-temperature testing electronic devices, various temperature, high temperature control equipment.

4.dedicated devices

low-temperature oil products tester, biochemical products cryogenic test instrument, bacterial incubators. thermostatical developing tank and computers.

5.daily life

air conditioning, dual-use hot and cold boxes, drinking fountains, electronic mailbox. In addition, there are other aspects of the application.

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