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      Peltier Technology
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      Brief Introduction  
         Semiconductor refrigeration (TE), also called thermoelectric cooling device, is a heat pump, it is not the merits of the sliding parts, In some applications with limited space, high reliability requirements, no refrigerant pollution occasions.

         Semiconductor refrigeration is for the operation of DC current, it can refrigerate while heating, By changing the DC current to determine the polarity of the same refrigeration unit to achieve cooling or heating. This effect is produced by the thermal principle, the following plan is a single-chip device in refrigeration, It consists of two ceramic composition, which is between N-type and P-type semiconductor material (bismuth telluride). Semiconductor components in the circuit is used in series form integral link.

         Semiconductor refrigeration, the working principle is this : When a N-type semiconductor material and a P Semiconductor materials combining into galvanic right, in this circuit connected to DC current, can create energy transfer, Current N-flow components of the P-type connector components absorb heat as cold-end P-flow components of the N-type connector components release heat as hot end. Endothermic and exothermic by the size of the current size of semiconductor material N, P components of a few to decide, Following is 3:00 thermoelectric cooling the temperature effect.
         1, Seebeck effect (SEEBECK EFFECT)
         1822 German Seebeck found that when two different conductors connected, If connecting two different points in the temperature, in a conductor temperature generated EMF.
         2, Perle reads effect (PELTIER EFFECT)
         1834 French Perle note found with the effects of Seebeck effect, When current flows through the formation of two different conductor of the tap, tap will produce exothermic and endothermic, exothermic or endothermic current size by the size of a decision.
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