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         Application Selection semiconductor cooling applications, in the heart of semiconductor cooling device, According to the stack temperature semiconductor characteristics, weaknesses and scope of application, to choose the stack should first determine the following questions :

         1, Stack determine the state. Current work under the direction and size, can decide on the stack cooling, heating and temperature performance, While the most commonly used methods of refrigeration, but it should not overlook the thermostat to heat and performance. Uncooled determine when the actual temperature hot end. Because the stack temperature device is to achieve the best cooling effect, the stack

         2, to be installed in a good radiator. Thermal conditions under the pros and decided to freeze when Stack hot end of the actual temperature, bearing in mind that the temperature gradient, Stack hot end than the actual temperature is always the radiator surface temperatures are high, usually anywhere from 0.1 several times, as much as several times higher, more than ten degrees. Likewise, in addition to hot-Thermal gradient exists outside, cooling and space for cold-stack also exist between temperature gradient.

         3, the stack to determine the working environment and atmosphere. This includes work in a vacuum or in ordinary air, dry nitrogen, stationary or mobile air and the surrounding environment temperature, This consider insulation (adiabatic), and decided to heat leakage effects.
         4, to determine stack clients and thermal load size. In addition to the heat-temperature, Stack can reach a minimum or maximum temperature is the temperature difference between the two empty adiabatic conditions and determine, in fact, work. Stack is not really insulation, there will be a thermal load, otherwise meaningless.

         5, refrigerate for determining the series. Stack series of selected must meet the requirements of the actual temperature, stack nominal temperature to be higher than that of the actual requirements of the temperature, Otherwise the same token, but the series is not too much, because the price of the stack with the series have increased substantially increased.

         6, stack specifications. Selected the series stack, can be selected stack specifications, in particular the work of the stack current. Meanwhile meet because of the difference in temperature and cooling off a stack of several, but due to different working conditions. Current work normally choose the smallest stack, as it costs less matching power, However stack the total power is the deciding factor. the same input electric power to reduce current must increase voltage (each component of 0.1 v), thus the number of components must increase.

         7, to determine the amount of the stack. This is a temperature difference can meet the requirements of the stack of cold total power to decide. It must work to ensure that the stack temperature cooling capacity is greater than the sum of the objects of their work load of the total thermal power, otherwise it is impossible to meet the requirements. Stack the thermal inertia is very small, not more than empty under a minute, However, due to the inertia load (mainly due to the thermal load capacity of), Therefore, the actual temperature setting to achieve the pace of work is far greater than a minute, reaching a few hours. Where speed bigger stack the number will more likely The thermal load on the total power is the total heat capacity coupled with the heat leakage (the lower the temperature is, the greater the heat leakage).
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