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      Peltier Technology
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         In the application of refrigeration devices, to further understand its performance, The fact refrigeration from the cold end of the heat absorption around Q, there are two, one is the joule heat Qj; Another is the sensible heat conduction.Electricity from the internal components have passed on Joule heat, Joule heat reached the half-cold, and the other half spread hot end, heat conduction from the hot end reached the end of the cold.

         Type, said one pair of R galvanic resistivity of the total K is the total thermal conductivity.
From the above two formulas, we can see that the importation of electric power is just breaks the heat-hot and cold-heat absorption of the poor, This is the "heat pump" a :
Qh-Qc=I2R=PMolecular-Qc I 2 = R = P

         From a drawn-Galvanic the hot end of the heat released to the importation of Molecular electric power production with the cold end of the cold up and come to the opposite end of the Cold cooling capacity Qc hot end to the heat emitted from electric power and the importation of the poor.
         Qh=P+QcQ2 = P + Qc
         Qc=Qh-PQ2 = Qc-P
         Uncooled largest power calculation method.

         A.1 Th at 271, T=0,I=Imax .A.1 hot-temperature Th 271 , the temperature of T = 0, I = Imax time.
         Qcmax(W) according to formula (1): Qcmax largest refrigeration power (W) by the formula
         (1) Calculations :
         Qcmax=0.07NI????(1)Qcmax = 0.07NI (1)
         In the formula: (A).Where : N -- Components of a few, I -- the largest thermoelectric device current (A)

         A.2 If the surface temperature of the hot 3 ~ 40 , Qcmax largest refrigeration power (W) shall formula (2) be amended.
         Qcmax | Th= Qcmax*[1+0.0042(Th--27)]
         (2)Qcmax | Th = Qcmax * [1 +0.0042 (Th -- 27)] (2)
         (W),Where : Qcmax --- Th hot surface temperature = 27 1 maximum cooling power (W),
         Qcmax | Th (W).Qcmax | Th -- hot surface temperature Th -- 3 ~ 40 when the measured temperature of the greatest cooling power (W).

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