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      Peltier Technology
    ¡ï Brief Introduction
    ¡ï Technology Applies
    ¡ï Performance
    ¡ï Application
    ¡ï Heat Transfer
    ¡ï Installation
    ¡ï Products Use Guidelines
      Products Use Guidelines  
        1. To prevent shocks and felt To, or devices to be light with light on,The impact will be felt heavily damaged or affected by the device.

        2. Custody Custode-90 degrees centigrade temperature to meet-70 scope. Away from the water conductive liquid nature, or they will rot Loss device, the performance of insulation to reduce and, ultimately, device performance deterioration.

        3. The right way to use our product
        1)voltage, current work To improve device reliability, practical work voltage, current work should be less than the maximum voltage devices, The largest current. Practical applications in the 127 series of general voltage controlled 12-13V. And the most hot noodles High temperature not exceeding 90 degrees, the electricity supply Wenbo factor less than 10%.
        2)temperature control Cold and hot noodle temperature changes dramatically reduce device reliability and longevity, it would be desirable to Continuous control voltage or current electricity. Polarity cut over(change current direction)will also enable Device reliability and lower life expectancy.
        3)radiator The smoking device being heated face radiator heat dissipation of heat capacity and efficiency influence. The Choice of hot noodles radiator to be large enough to ensure their ability to heat release. The, in the assembly Area must be evenly doodle with the heat conduction rate Guizhi to minimize Rezu. No hot noodles with heat release, not connected power.
4)Pressure securing devices, device pressure over 10kg /cm 2 . Will be significantly reduced by Pieces of reliability. Therefore, the installation of devices to the surface as possible so that devices are affected by the power Absorbed, the pressure appropriate.

        4. Conductors Wire towards themselves, red line in right, black lines in the left. Red line with the positive power Linked with cathode jointed black line. Then in the side to cool.
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