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  Thermoelectric Cooling Modules
      ¡ñTEC 127 Couples Series
      ¡ñTEC Other Couples Series
      ¡ñTES Series
      ¡ñSpecial Series
      ¡ñMultistage Series
      ¡ñCustom Design Modules

  Power Generation Modules
  Thermoelectric Material
      ¡ñN,P Dices and Crystalbar
      ¡ñCeramic Plates

  Heat Exchanger
      ¡ñAluminum£¦Copper Heatsink
      ¡ñCooling Water Plate
      ¡ñHeat Pipe

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  127 Couples   TEC Other
Couples Series
  TES Series  
  Special Series   Multistage Series   Custom Design  
  Power Generation
  Se   Crystalbar  
  Ceramic Plate   Heatsink   Cooling Water Plate  
  Heat pipe   Mini Refrigerator      
        MERIT TECH GROUP is located in the world famous international metropolis --Shenzhen which has convenient transportation and adjacent to Hongkong. MERIT is a professional manufacturer which mainly manufacturing thermoelectric materials, thermoelectric modules, and other related application products. the technique power of our company is strong, and its quality control is perfect. The company adopts domestic and foreign advanced production craft and technology, and products performance is stable, as well as the varieties and specifications of products are complete.The manufacturing process is strictly followed by ISO9001 and ISO14000, and all the products meet the requirement of RoHS¡­¡­
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